Saturday, February 2, 2013


Preview of VOID RACERS counter sheet.

I've been working on a space racing game titled VOID RACERS. It's based on Meka Tac - Giant Stompy Robots Edition, but uses a quasi-Newtonian, 2-D movement system on a hex grid. A racer's movement is carried over to the next turn. The direction and speed does not change unless the pilot applies thrust to change where it's going during the movement phase of its activation. Players are encouraged to build their own racers, which are basically space fighters. Rules for designing race courses and a campaign system will be included. The game can be used for space fighter dogfights, as well. Though intended as a miniature wargame, enough counters will be included to play without figures. It should handle up to 12 players, but that will be determined in play-testing - which will begin soon.

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  1. Very neat!

    Perhaps someday you can combine these iterations into a Giant Robot Racing game a la' IGPX or the Japanese TRPG Mobile Racer Championship.