Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Void Racers

Preview of a Sample VOID RACERS Race Course Carousel.

Racing is the core of VOID RACERS. Okay, racing while shooting at the other racers is the core of VOID RACERS. I mean, who would pay perfectly good credits just to watch a bunch of vehicles making continuous left-hand turns for hours on end without any weapons-fire? Booooring.

Race Course Basics: 

The orange line with arrows shows the intended flow of the course. The course above is "once through"; no laps.

The red line is the firing line. A racer's weapons are locked until it passes that point in the course. After that, weapons are hot and crowd goes wild! And there is nothing stopping the pilot from shooting at the slowpokes who still have their weapons locked.

The lines with circles at the ends are gates that the racer must pass though. They represent a pair of stationary buoys marking the location and size of the gate. A racer may need to pass though the same gate more than once in a race, and not necessarily in the same direction.

The green gate is the starting gate. Racers must start the race behind it and pass through it to enter the course. 

The three blue, numbered gates represent narrow areas the racers must pass through in a particular direction and order. Going through the wrong way or in the wrong sequence does not count towards course completion. Note that one gate is labeled "1 & 4", meaning that the racers must pass though it twice - when entering and exiting the loop portion of the course.

The black gate is the finish line. Again, a racer must pass in between the buoys to finish the course.

The first racer that finishes the course wins the race.  

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