Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sample Work In Progress Racer Play Sheet.

Fear all the little blanks that need to be filled in! Well, not really.

Welcome back!

The top third of the sheet is where all the information about the racer goes: thrust points, modifiers, places to track damage, etc. The gray box in the center is for listing weapons, with range, ammo, and any "to Hit" modifiers and spacial rules. Those familiar with MEKA TAC - GIANT STOMPY ROBOT EDITION will notice a similarity with that game's mecha sheets.

The rest of the sheet is for tracking your racer's movement across the table each turn. As the racer's movement during the previous turn has a effect of how it may move this turn, this information needs to be recorded. Each turn has its own line.

Initiative = last turn's speed + modifiers + die roll. The higher the score, the earlier in the turn your racer activates. This is a racing game; speed is good.

TP (Thrust Points) Spent: It's a spot to jot down the number of thrust points used in the current activation. Each racer has a finite number of them, and unspent thrust points cannot be saved for later use.

Vector: This is where the shorthand notation (usually one or two pairs of a letter and a number) of where you'll end up at the end of this activation, and where you'll end up next activation if thrust points are not used. Movement is based from where you'll end up if the racer does nothing, not from where the racer starts its activation. Momentum is a cruel mistress, so plan ahead.

Speed: The number of hexes the racer enters during its activation. This is the path from where the racer starts its activation to where it ends its activation. Do not count any turns, only movement through hexes.

Facing: The racer's final facing at the end of its activation, or latest facing, as certain factors may force a change the racer's facing outside of its activation. Thrust comes out the back of a racer, so where it's pointed is important.

VOID RACERS is MEKA TAC - GIANT STOMPY ROBOT EDITION with a slightly more complex movement system. More about that next posting.

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