Sunday, November 28, 2010

More GSRE Wonderfulness and ... Wiz-War?

HOUSE RULES : Campaign Rules Updated with
Recruiting Pilots and Hiring Mercenaries!

Some new items for the Meka Tac – GSRE Campaign Rules Work In Progress. The mercenaries and regular pilots sections have both simple rules for those who want the option, and full rules for those who like more detail. As always, feel free to adjust to personal play style.

Found my copy of Wiz-War (1995 ~ 6th edition?) with the first expansion and will take a little time this week to inventory the boxes and get this back on the active list. It’s an easy, fast and fun game that handles several players very well. I remember participating in a 12-player game done with miniatures and 3D “tiles” at a convention in the late 90’s. Sigh. Those were the days…

And, NO, there has not yet been a firm release date given for the 8th edition of Wiz-War, though 2007 was quoted a few times. :(

Wiz-War Links:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes! More Giant Stompy Robot Goodness!

HOUSE RULES : Environmental Rules Updated and Campaign Rules Updated!

Sorry about the wait between updates. Currently converting Meka Tac into a starship battle game, which, when ready, shall be posted on Giant Stompy Robot. Yes other folks have done it before, but I'm trying to simplify it a bit with less record keeping.

The dungeon crawl game is trundling along, with
Advanced Dungeon Squad currently in the lead for character creation and monster stats. Just need to add a simple square grid movement system. Please post here if anyone knows of free 25mm printable fantasy standees to use as adventurers, monsters, props, etc. As much as it'll be designed as a miniature game, not everyone who would want to play it will have miniatures.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


LINKS : 12 New 6mm Miniatures Manufacturers Added!

Work has also started on the combined arms rules for support units in Meka Tac - GSRE! Nothing posted yet, as I'd like to get a few games in before the work in progress becomes available for general consumption.

No, the dungeon crawl has not been abandoned, just put on the back burner for a week or two. Found a few other goodies that have muddied the waters a bit.

The Motherload:
freewargamesrules - Where can be found links to free downloads of Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi tabletop wargaming rules like...



Dungeons Dark & Dangerous

Dungeon World (2nd ed.)

Dungeon Squad


Advanced Dungeon Squad