Monday, August 27, 2012

Generic Modular Hex Campaign Map W.I.P. Thingie

See! I’m working on stuff. It’s just that none of it is ready for public consumption. Sorry. So here’s something that might be useful for tracking territory in RPG or miniature wargaming campaigns. The map can be whatever scale is necessary. In StS that would be 1 hex = 1 star system. All the hexes are individually numbered so each hex of interest could be described in detail however is convenient for the players. 

I pictured the StS advanced campaign as islands of resources scattered over a sea of black. Players need to win battles to take and defend territory, and these territories are needed to maintain and expand their fleets. There would be resource management, but only to support the war effort, not to needlessly simulate interstellar commerce models. More resources means more ships. The objective would be to destroy your opponents’ ability to wage war by gaining as many resources (star systems) as possible, denying them to the enemy. The fleets would explore, battle over, and hold these resources, which, in turn, are used to both strengthen and expand the fleets, and increase the resources’ values by making improvements in the systems they occupy – space stations to improve logistics, Blink Portals to increase trade, etc.