Monday, March 14, 2016

Meka Tac – Giant Stompy Robots Edition Game at Cold Wars 2016

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There will be a Meka Tac – GSRE game at HMGS-E Cold Wars this week! 

F: 247 Giant Stompy Robots - Rumble In The Rubble

Your second chance to play the full-on, giant, stompy robot city battle that was sold-out at Fall In!


Scheduled for Friday, March 18th, at 1pm. It’ll be an 8-player game, two mechs per player (up to 16 mechs on the table), and with all the bells and whistles: action cards, strategic support cards, pilot skills, and mission cards. It will be open table with terrain – both town and country - but could just as easily been played on hex maps. Rules will be taught. 

For more information:

Meka Tac – Giant Stompy Robots Edition at Fall In!
– Also explains the contents of a sample mech sheet.

Meka Tac – GSRE: the Game – An introduction to the rules. 

Meka Tac – GSRE: Building a Mech – An example of mecha building.

Chrysaor. Not-a-Marauder. - Start here to preview some of the mechs at the game.

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The current version of Meka Tac – Giant Stompy Robots Edition is available IN THE DOWNLOADS SECTION, in the GIANT STOMPY ROBOTS portion of as well as PDFs of all the cards and counters, quick reference sheets (QRS) and other resources. A second edition is in the works.

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