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Meka Tac – GSRE: Building a Mech.

Here is the third part of Meka Tac – Giant Stompy Robots Edition: Overview - building a mech. Just follow the links for Part 1 and Part 2. 

Coming up with game stats for your mecha is pretty easy. There's very little math, and most of the numbers on the mech sheet come from the four tables in the three pages of mech construction rules. You don’t have to worry about cost, tonnage, or thermal inefficiency. Just its size, how does it move, what weapons and other systems you want, and you’re done! 

A blank mech sheet. Designed to print on a 4” x 6” or 3” x 5” card. 
Use it as a worksheet, or use scratch paper, or do it in your head.

A random mech miniature: from the classic Grenadier Models Inc.: Warbots line.
Available from Mirliton S.G. - Warbot: Pulverisor

<< The Six Steps >> 

1. Concept. What do you want the mech to do? What role does it play on the battlefield? Does it work alone, or part of a specialized group?

Let’s build a general purpose mech: multiple weapons with medium range, sufficient ammo, and no sniper system. Not a flier, but jump jets are always handy.

2. Mech size. This is where it all begins, as many of the mecha’s abilities are based on its mech size.

 Mech Frames table. 

Mech size 8 will allow for jump jets (only size class small and medium can have jump jets or flight systems) and still have 6 spaces for weapons. Filling in the rest of the information on the card based on its mech size – conveniently located along the left side. The move points, initiative mod(ifier), size class, punch and kick are all from the “Mech Frame” table and the “Hand to Hand (HtH) Damage” table, not calculations. The number of spaces available in the mech's frame is the same as the mech's size.

Spaces available: 8.

All the information from step 2 is in orange.

3. Movement. Walk, jump, or fly?

Jump. Allows for a mix of movement as well as the ability to skim over terrain that would usually eat up move points if a mech tried to walk through it. A flight system would give more maneuverability, but the mecha would lose 20% of its mech hits, making it a bit too fragile for its intended purpose. Faster than just walking, but the mech is going to be +1 to be hit whenever it jumps. Jump jets for a size class medium mecha costs 2 spaces. All the information about jump jets came from the “Other Systems” table.

Total spaces used: 2 of 8.

All the new information from step 3 is in orange.

4. Weapon systems.

All weapon information came from the “Weapon Systems” table, not calculations.

Rail gun -  For 2 spaces, this weapon hurls 2d6 of damage up to 12 hexes across the mat, and can be loaded with 10 rounds of AI (+1 to hit), HE (a area effect with a blast radius of 1 hex out in all directions from the main target), or AP (+1 to damage roll) ammo. Looking at the figure, the rail gun would be housed in the center tube on the left arm, so let’s give it a left 180° weapon arc.

Particle accelerator – It can send a 1d12 of hurt out to 12 hexes and has unlimited ammo, but it eats up 3 spaces in the mech’s frame. Worth it. The particle accelerator would be the mecha’s entire right arm, giving it a right 180° weapon arc.

Small missile launcher – Can inflict 1d10 of damage out to 12 hexes and has 6 shots all for only 1 space. It can also use AI, HE, or AP rounds. Might as well use the 6 other tubes in the model’s left arm, making it a left 180° weapon arc.

Mechs can be destroyed by critical hits much more quickly than by weapons’ damage alone. Each of the weapons has a potential of causing a critical hit, and the particle accelerator makes it a threat even late in the battle. Also, if a random weapon is lost to a critical hit, the mech can stay in the battle.

All the weapons on this mech have a range of 12 hexes – easy to remember – and if one’s in range, they’re all in range. The type of ammo in the rail gun and small missile launcher (the brackets between the name of the weapon and the weapon arc) can selected before the game. If it’s a table crowed with terrain, go for the AP loads, as most of your shots will be at half-range with a +1 to hit bonus. An open table would suggest AI loads. Both weapons do not have to be loaded with the same ammo. One with AI and the other with HE just in case the enemy decides to cluster together would also work. Just write it down on the card before the game begins.

The left and right 180° weapon arcs could have just as easily been designated front 180°, but the left & right arcs give more flexibility.   

Total spaces used: 8 of 8.

All the new information from step 4 is in orange.

5. Other systems.

The "Other Systems" table has several useful options like a targeting system, camo netting, sniper system, extra legs, etc., but none of those are going to be installed in this particular mecha. 

6. Name it.

         “Warhammer 47”.

All the new information from step 6 is in orange.

Converting for use on an open table with terrain. 

Move points and weapon ranges are doubled for gaming on an open table with terrain, with each “hex” equaling 2 inches. This works well when using mecha miniatures that are around 2 inches tall. Yes, just doubling a few numbers is all that’s required to go from hexes to open table. If you’re playing on a hex mat, then keep the move points (5 + 4) and all the weapon ranges (12) the same as above. 

All the converted information is in orange.

And that’s it! One more mech ready to go.

<< Links >> 

Meka Tac - GSRE will be run at HMGS-E's convention: Fall In! Game number F: 307 Giant Stompy Robots - Rumble In The Rubble.

The current version of Meka Tac – Giant Stompy Robots Edition is available IN THE DOWNLOADS SECTION, in the GIANT STOMPY ROBOTS portion of as well as PDFs of all the cards and counters, quick reference sheets (QRS) and other resources. All for FREE! The second edition is also in the works.

A portion of the Giant Stompy Robots Forum has been set aside for discussing Meka Tac! Please stop by and post your questions, after action reports, and photos of your games! 

<< END 111 >>

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