Friday, October 30, 2015

Updated! Meka Tac: GSRE - 6mm/1:285/1:300/2" Mapless QRS Mk 2 & New Pilot Record Sheet!

Battleaxe in the open - with the expected results.
Woefully out of production Battledroids

In the  DOWNLOADS  section of  GIANT STOMPY ROBOTS  you will find the newly updated Meka Tac: GSRE quick reference sheet mark 2 for open table games with 6mm/1:285/1:300/2" mecha miniatures, and the new pilot record sheet to track your pilot's career. And, of course, they're FREE!

The quick reference sheet is what will be used at Fall In!

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  1. Hello.
    I have one question: what is the difference between kick and punch besides number of potential damage ?

    1. A mech may kick or punch once during its activation. We've been playing it that smaller ground vehicles must be kicked by mecha, non-flying (or currently not flying) mechs must punch flying targets, and non-flying (or currently not flying) mechs may kick or punch other mechs. If your mecha has had a leg blown off, then it cannot make a kicking attack.

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