Sunday, February 17, 2013

Void Racers Mini Playtest #1

Furball at the First Gate, End of Second Turn.

Had a quick playtest this weekend. As it was just one game of several others planned, it ended up only lasting a few turns. We had 4 independent players, while I refereed.
The players were experienced gamers, but not regular wargamers, so their gameplay was very educational.   

The VOID RACERS Playtest Course.

The map above was the intended course, but on a small table. The players easily grasped most of the mechanics, though the movement system took a little experience to master.


The players didn't gracefully swoop around the bottom of Gate 1 to get to Gate 2; that would have impeded shooting the crap out of each other. They passed through the first gate, then burned their thrust points to immediately go back through in the other direction. As they had all passed through the gate in the correct way, there was nothing lost by going back through the other way. It's space; you can do that.

Area effect weapons are very, very messy in close quarters.

Bigger play areas are preferred, as there is greater opprotunity for maneuvering out of weapons' range.

The game is doing what was envisioned, so work shall continue.

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