Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunder the Stars - More Printable Paper Planets!

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Sunder the Stars - Color Planet Sheet No. 2
is now available on the Sunder the Stars Downloads Page. A ringed planet, 4 asteroids of different sizes, a rogue moon, and a comet. They are all for 2-inch hex mats. As it's a JPG file, it can be scaled to taste. No, not the one up there. The one HERE! Just print and cut out.

The rings surrounding the planet may be purely ornamental, or count as gas clouds, dust clouds, or rings of asteroids - whatever the scenario requires! The red arrows on the asteroids and rogue moon show which direction they're moving. Ships may not move through or occupy the same hex/space as the comet nucleus (see rules), though, unless the scenario states otherwise, the tail is the same as a dust cloud. The red triangle in the upper right-hand corner is to be cut out and used to show what direction the comet is moving.

More free, printable terrain for Sunder the Stars to come!

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