Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clans of the Great Hunt Fleet: DONE!*

Click on image for bigger picture!

This fleet was the last project finished in 2011.

1 Scout
6 Frigates
6 Destroyers
3 Medium Cruisers
1 Heavy Cruiser
1 Battle Cruiser
1 Battleship
2 Carriers
1 Dreadnought
1 Megadreadnought

That's 23 ships! All cast in lovely METAL!

And, yes, one player could command this entire fleet in a game of SUNDER THE STARS against other players with similarly sized fleets, though I usually use 17 ship fleets when I run StS at conventions. The fleet sheets for this faction should be on the StS site next week or the following. UPDATE: the fleet cards are up! ->

Painting: Primed white, base color of vermillion red, then then a 1:2 black ink to water wash, followed by a drybrushing of vermillion red, and the details picked out with bright silver, bronze and metallic blue. The engine flares were white, a 1:2 blue ink wash and a light drybrush of white. The bases were primed black, and painted black, with the identification information in white. The entire figure was sealed with polyurethane clear gloss varnish, then a spray of clear matte.

The miniatures are from the Carnivoran Republic Star Forces, part of the Galactic Knights range produced by Monday Knight Productions.

The bases are 40mm square, 1/8" thick, beveled masonite from Renaissance Ink drilled and mounted with 1/8" brass rods.

Next project? Heck if I know!

* As much as any fleet is ever done.


  1. Bravo!

    Those are some nasty looking carnivorans!

  2. Thank you, gents! Now for the stats...