Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunder the Stars - Printable Paper Planets!

Click on image for bigger picture!

Sunder the Stars - Color Planet Sheet No. 1
is now available on the Sunder the Stars Downloads Page. A total of 6 different planets to hide behind tactically screen your fleet. The planets are for 2-inch hex mats. As it's a JPG file, it can be scaled to taste. No, not the one up there. The one HERE! Just print and cut out.

Planets in StS block line of sight, so most attacks may not travel through any hex/space occupied by a planet. The exception is a drone (Dr) attack, which can use a friendly vessel as a forward observer for an indirect attack and only counts the terrain modifiers for the target ship's hex/space.

More free, printable terrain for Sunder the Stars to come!

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