Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunder the Stars - Printable Paper Gas Clouds!

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Sunder the Stars - Gas Clouds Sheet No. 1
is now available on the Sunder the Stars Downloads Page. There are 16 hexes with the rules on each hex. They are all for 2-inch hex mats. As it's a JPG file, it can be scaled to taste. No, not the one up there. The one HERE!

Unlike the previous terrain items, this one is printer friendly. Head to your local art store, office supply big-box, or scrap-booking shop and find some paper or card stock you like. Maybe some sort of tie-dye, swirly pattern. Then just print the jpg on you paper in grayscale and cut out the hexes any way you wish - individually or in groups.

Gas clouds in StS do not hinder movement, but they do interfere with combat. All attacks that trace a line through a hex/2" of a gas cloud are at -1 AV. And, yes, this is cumulative.

More free, printable terrain for Sunder the Stars to come!

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