Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunder the Stars - Printable Paper Asteroid Fields!

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Sunder the Stars - Asteroid Fields Sheet No. 1
is now available on the Sunder the Stars Downloads Page. There are 16 hexes with the rules on each hex. They are all for 2-inch hex mats. As it's a JPG file, it can be scaled to taste. No, not the one up there. The one HERE! Just scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Unlike the previous terrain items, this one is printer friendly. Head to your local art store, office supply big-box, or scrap-booking shop and find some paper or card stock you like. I just used a couple sheets of lightish gray. Then just print the jpg on you paper in grayscale and cut out the hexes any way you wish - individually or in groups.

Asteroid fields in StS hinder attacks and, though they don't actually slow you down, they will try to kill you if you attempt to zip through. All attacks that trace a line through a hex/2" of an asteroid field are at -2 AV. And, yes, this is cumulative. Double the movement point costs for all maneuvers or get attacked by an AV 3 chunk of space rock you were too much of a rush to notice. And that's per maneuver executed - move, turn, roll, etc. Do not roll an attack D6 with that AV3, the total attack is just AV3. Roll defense as normal.

And that ends the free, printable terrain for Sunder the Stars for the moment.

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