Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rural Mutant with Axe!

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Yet another in-production and readily available figure: Black Ork Games - 100-MS-0024 "Hill Mutant"

Mounted on a 25mm round plastic base.

Painting: Primed white, light flesh for hands and head. Eyes were white then outlined with chestnut ink, then a dot of black. The shirt was green gray, the t-shirt was sky gray, and the pants were US field drab. The shoes were leather belt. The axe haft was burnt umber, with the axe head a base of German gray, then gunmetal. The base was covered with a
slurry of ballast, sand, PVA glue and water before priming and painted with medium gray. The facing lozenge was white with a burnt umber stripe. The entire figure was then dipped with 1:1 mix of polyurethane clear gloss varnish and Minwax Polyshades Tudor. The base was flocked with patches of PVA and then static grass. The entire figure was sprayed with clear matte.

Review: The details aren't that great, but it's an inexpensive axe-wielding mutant, and does so within reason. I'm not going to field a unit of these, but for a character figure, it'll do the job.

Suitable for Gamma World, Mutant Future, Metamorphosis Alpha, or any other Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction or Survival Horror game.

The vikings are underway. There is no greater test to you collection of brown paint than painting dark age armies.

See more of my painting here:


  1. That's why I live in the big city. All those rural mutants are so uncivilized!

  2. Country hills = city sewers, subway and utility tunnels.