Monday, June 13, 2011

Fury of the Star Wolves!

Click on image for bigger picture!

Another beautiful day, another group of miniatures done! That makes a total of 4 fleets ready for SUNDER THE STARS.

The bases are 40mm square, 1/8" thick masonite with 1/8" brass rods.

Painting: Primed white, base color of sky gray, then a 1:2 black ink to water wash, followed by a drybrushing of sky gray and another drybrushing of off white. The fleet colors were gray blue and bright silver, and the details picked out with bright silver, neutral gray and off white. The engine flares were white, a then 1:2 blue ink wash. The bases were primed black, and painted black, with the identification information in white along the rear edge. The entire figure was sealed with polyurethane clear gloss varnish, then a spray of clear matte.

This fleet is composed completely of offerings available at Ravenstar Studios.

See more of my painting here:

Think I'm going to take a little break from painting starships. What next? Historical Vikings? Post Apocalyptic troops? Weird War 2? Hmm.


  1. These look so nice, there's just something about a fleet of ships that is well done that warms the soul.

    As for next, my vote's on post-apoc troopers!

  2. Very nice looking fleet!

    How do the ships scale with the GK minis?

  3. Mik - Thank you! I've got some classic Grenadier androids (grayskins) and wolfoids (Arks) ready for painting.

    DS - Thank you! Great idea! Check back early next week!