Sunday, June 19, 2011

Starship Size Comparison

By popular demand! Well, Desert Scribe suggested it, and I liked the idea, so here it is: a quick comparison of ships from the four finished* fleets in my collection. Some folks are familiar with the classic Galactic Knights (GK) ships produced by Monday Knight Productions, while others have experience with excellent vessels from Ravenstar Studios (RS), but not necessarily both on the same table. Here’s how they look side by side.

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Frigates - Left to Right
Wasp Class Destroyer, GK, length 42mm
Brenik Class, RS, length 47mm
Swiftsure Class Destroyer, GK, length 55mm
Falcon Class Frigate, RS, length: 42mm
Average length: 47mm

Destroyers – Left to Right
Mandible Destroyer Leader, GK, length 43mm
Loki Heavy Cruiser, RS, length 57mm
Samurai Destroyer Leader, GK, length 70mm
Luna Class Destroyer, RS, length 57mm
Average length: 57mm

Cruisers – Left to Right
Hornet Class Cruiser, GK, length 59mm
Panther Fast Attack Cruiser, RS, length 68mm
Ranger Class Cruiser, GK, length 67mm
Hecate Class Heavy Cruiser, RS, length 68mm
Average length: 66mm

– Left to Right
Roach Class Battlecruiser, GK, length 84mm
Thor Warstar, RS, length 87mm
Invincible Class Dreadnaught, GK, length 105mm
Nemesis Class Gunstar, RS, length 87mm
Average length: 91mm

The green ships on the left are part of the Entomolian Imperial Fleet (EIF) from the GK line. These ships are metal. I always liked their design, and green is a good color for them. In Sunder the Stars (StS) they represent the "Union of Queens".

Next, we have the white ships with blue and silver markings available from Ravenstar Studios. These ships are resin. They are the viking spacefleet of the Star Wolves in StS.

The gray triangles are from the Terran Federation of the GK line. These ships are metal. They fill in for the Grand Terran Imperium in StS.

And all the way on the right are gray ships with red and bronze markings from Ravenstar Studios. These ships are resin. They are more "classic BSG" than their other offerings. They represent the High Lords of Hephaestus in StS.

Please keep in mind that the classifications given above are for what they are deployed as in Sunder the Stars, not necessarily the manufacturers' designations. Also, all ships are mounted on 40mm (1 ½”) square bases for use with 2” hexes or without any hexes, not the bases (if any) they were supplied with.

*Come on. Is a fleet ever really finished?

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