Monday, July 4, 2011

Fear the Bunny!

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Would you believe another in-production and available figure? This time from Team Frog Studios - TFSCCRB01 "Rabbits Squad (4 figures)" Above is figure "A" from the set.

Mounted on a 25mm round plastic base.

Painting: Primed white, light gray and white for fur, with flesh for nose and inside the ears. Eyes were white then a dot of black. The t-shirt and cap were green grey, and the shorts were US field drab. The knee and elbow pads were green grey and
brown violet, and the shoulder pads were brown violet. The shoes were red leather and the gloves were white. The gun had a base of German grey, then gunmetal. The base was flat earth. The facing lozenge was green grey outlined with black. The entire figure was then dipped with 1:1 mix of polyurethane clear gloss varnish and Minwax Polyshades Tudor. The base was flocked with patches of PVA and blended turf, then the rest with static grass. The entire figure was sprayed with clear matte.

Review: A bit more cartoony than I'd like, but there aren't any options as the only other rabbit-folk with guns have been out of production for about 30 years.

Suitable for Gamma World, Mutant Future, Metamorphosis Alpha, or any other Post Apocalyptic/Science Fiction game.

The vikings are still underway. Yes, they need to be done, but
I've grown to like the comparative speed and ease of painting starships.

See more of my painting here:

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