Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SUNDER THE STARS: Sample Ship Cards

Left-click on image for full-sized view.

At the top of the image is a blank ship card which will print in gray-scale on a blank 4" x 6" index card. Why waste the color ink.

The next one down is a frigate: a small ship with only one damage track. Once it takes 2 points of damage, it is considered destroyed and removed from the game. As its life expectancy is so short, its systems do not degrade.

Next is a light cruiser: a medium-sized ship with two damage tracks. It battles at full strength until it takes its second point of damage, then it uses the second track for its Move Points, Shield Value, Point Defense and all it's weapons. See how the values have dropped? At 4 points of damage, it is considered destroyed and removed from play.

Finally, there is the MegaCarrier: a large ship with three damage tracks. This ship card demonstrates the loss of Fighter Bays (in this case with 6 bombers and 6 interceptors) as the ship takes damage. Upon the sixth point of damage sustained, the ship is considered destroyed and removed from play.

With these cards you can track the current status of ships of all the same type in your fleet. It wouldn't matter if you had fielded one or a dozen light cruisers, as long as you knew how much damage each one has taken - and a single counter or D6 next to the miniature takes care of that.

Playtesting shall (weather permitting) start soon.

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