Friday, February 25, 2011

Generic Update

Thank you all for the 2K of pageviews, and from all over the world, too! Maybe this "internet" thing is catching on?

Finally finishing off the last DVDs of the original Armored Trooper V.O.T.O.M.S. TV series which aired in 1983 & 1984. Watched it years ago on VHS, felt it was time to view it again. It’s a touching, timeless romance/real mecha show: boy finds enhanced super-warrior girl during a galactic war, boy looses enhanced super-warrior girl to a secret society, boy pursues enhanced super-warrior girl through various warzones… You get the idea. *sniff* There's something in my eye.

Most projects are on hold until after COLD WARS, where I’ll be running two games of Giant Stompy Robot Gladiators using Meka Tac – Giant Stompy Robots Edition: F-270 on Friday at 10:00 AM, and S-271 on Saturday at 1:00 PM.

Managed to play a game of One Page Fleets using the ship cards last weekend and it worked as expected, provided everyone is familiar with polyhedral dice. The step down/up by die type mechanic can be a bit confusing to the uninitiated. May get another game in on Tuesday.

The “generic dungeon crawl with miniatures” game is in stasis, though its mechanics may surface in another medium.

Sunder the Stars will be given a test drive after the convention to see if it works the way it was intended. If so, it may branch out to other types of warfare.

Still painting, just nothing new finished.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So what minis do you use for Giant Stompy Robots? Old Battletech figures? Or something else?

  2. I've been collecting these things since AD1985.


    Grenadier Models - WARBOTS*


    General Products - MORTAR 800*

    Iron Wind Metals - BATTLETECH

    Talon Games - MAUs*

    Reaper Miniatures - CAVs

    Acheson Creations - Terran Recon Set

    *Out Of Production.