Thursday, August 15, 2013


Mission Objective & Navigation Hazard!

The first of the space-based facilities completed for SUNDER THE STARS! This is intended as a medium-sized factory station. Due to environmental protection laws in the SUNDER THE STARS universe, it’s cheaper to build a factory in space than on a planet. It also saves on transport costs – no gravity well to muck about in.

It’s an old Superior Models space station module. Only took 30 years to get its turn in the painting queue. Heavy sucker, too. Get a shiny, new one from Monday Knight Productions!

The base is a 2” disk of ¼” MDF custom made by CorSec Engineering, and they did a wonderful job. It has been my experience that acrylic flight stands have two states: 1) broken, and 2) desperately waiting to break. MDF bases with piano wire posts are nigh-indestructible, and it will still be intact when the flour beetles inherit the Earth. When I open my figure case, I want to have the joy of anticipation of playing a game with a collection of painted miniatures, not the trepidation of “how many broke THIS time?” Piano wire also allowed for an off-center post, necessitated by the figure’s hollow center. Wire can bend without breaking.


Station: spray gray primer, then a base coat of neutral gray. A 2:1 water and black ink wash, then a drybrushing of neutral gray. Details picked out with silver, metallic blue, and bronze.

Flight Stand: spray primed black, then a coat of spray black enamel, followed by flat black paint. I find that bases tend to take the majority of abuse.

After gluing the station and flight stand together, they were dipped in clear polyurethane, and then sprayed with clear matte.

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  1. Nice job! Have you thought about getting more modules and assembling them into a larger structure?

    1. Thank you!

      Getting? Got! Though that's a bit down the hyperspacial bypass.

  2. Looks good!

    I have a heavily armored ring and 5 weapon pods to paint.... which means I need another ring or two and some different kinds of pods as well.

    1. Thank you!

      Will you be getting them from Monday Knight Productions?