Thursday, August 29, 2013

It Takes a Gamer to Build a Really, Really Small Village: Part 2

  Mockup A-Frame Hut!

Having decided on a basic size for the A-frame hut, a mockup was needed to see how it would look when populated and how much useable space was available inside. Admittedly, most occupants wouldn’t be swinging their weapons over their heads the entire time, a small fire pit would be needed in the middle of the floor, and a ¼” would be lost on each side due to the building material, so some fudging was in order.

End Walls: 6” long by ½” high at the ends, 3 1/3” high at the gables.
Side Walls: 6” long by ½” high.

Poster board was used as it was cheap and already in stock, as was PVA glue.

A fight of 14 figures (mounted on 1” square bases) could be held inside a 3” x 5” area centered on the roof beam and subtracting 1 square inch for the fire pit. If they were all hiding in ambush, then 24 would fit. Internal walls and other structures will not be attempted on the first go.

It's a good size for a landowner, but smaller huts will also be needed for the less affluent villagers. 

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