Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunder the Stars: LAUNCH!

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SUNDER THE STARS core rules are available for download, along with fleet record sheets, counters, a QRS, and some other goodies. And it's free. Just go here:

Sunder the Stars is a space fleet combat game that can be played on a hex board or open table.

It is designed to handle task force actions and fleet engagements.

All combat is determined by opposed rolls.

Initiative-based, individual activations for ships and squadrons.

A simple mechanism allows for each ship's combat effectiveness to degrade as it takes damage.

The game does not require a control sheet for each individual ship, only each type of ship in your fleet and a few "counters" for special situations.

Plenty of optional rules to tailor the game to your style of play.

Ship and fleet construction rules are included.

Supplemental material is being developed: star bases and planetary facilities, new fleets, a campaign system, etc. These future releases will be announced on this blog.

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