Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mecha, Starships and Calamities!

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Managed to sneak in a couple games of MEKA TAC – GIANT STOMPY ROBOTS EDITION using the Mapless Mayhem and Gladiator rules over the past few weeks. Really needed it. The photo is from the game with Doctor Merkury, Iron Ivan Keith and Comrade R. It was a two-on-two fight ending in a points tie, but my mecha was the last one standing. Doctor Merkury did most of the work, though.

Here are the bots:


The cards are for Mapless Mayhem, so all the ranges and Move Points are in inches. The empty brackets next to the weapons allow for the players to select the type of ammunition: High Explosive (HE), Armor Piercing (AP) or Artificial Intelligence (AI).


There was a medium-sized crisis at the hov which could have been much, much worse. Nothing insurmountable, but it was really annoying; requiring time, effort and money that would have been better spent elsewhere. That’s why the SUNDER THE STARS rules have yet to hit RIVETSANDSTEAM.COM. It’ll be announced here. The plan is for next week. And there’s no faster way to make the gods laugh then to tell them your plans.

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