Thursday, August 11, 2011

Observation - Rebellious Youth

Each new generation of youth tries to upset its predecessors by dressing inappropriately, behaving unacceptably and listening to music they claim as their own. The current trend of relaxing dress codes means that no one has the need to fear being under-dressed for any occasion. The totalitarian enforcement of political correctness and universal acceptance allows even the most egregious faux pas to be met with, at worst, strained tolerance. With the advent of digital media, “old” music no longer fades into obscurity, but may be retained throughout the life of the listener. Soon the youth of the world, in a fit of desperation, may only have one avenue of rebellion: practicing behavior learned from American situational comedies of the 1950’s while clad in dinner jackets and cocktail dresses with Mel Tormé playing softly in the background.

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