Monday, August 29, 2011

New Edition of RAVENFEAST!

Click on image for bigger picture!

A new version of the rules I've been using for the "Battle of Trollford" convention games is here! They're based on the no longer available “ONE PAGE FANTASY SKIRMISH” by John David Slor, but reshaped for Viking saga skirmishing with several additions: morale, shield walls, different ranges for missile weapons, extra wounds, basing suggestions and "death worthy of a song". And, yes, they're FREE!

RAVENFEST is meant for clashes of warbands; about 20 figures per player. A short list of example stats are given and may be completely ignored, as rules for creating stats for your figures are included. Fantasy elements are also there, but optional. The basic game has been distilled down to only 2 pages.


  1. Nice and tidy set of rules.

    Looks fun


  2. Love your minis set-ups buddy. Cool stuff indeed.

    Need to get together soon. Been too long.

  3. I'm really liking the look of these rules for larger games. We use Age of Blood for warbands of 10 or so, but it bogs down in bog battles. We are going to give these a try this week!