Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10K Visits? Thanks! And Sunder the Stars WIP Rules Page Added!

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10,000 visits! Thank you, all!

Sunder the Stars now has a Works In Progress (W.I.P.) section for rules ideas that are still in the testing stage. Please give them a try and let me know how they worked!

The two games of StS at Fall In! were run on schedule, though the weather and the Halloween weekend kept many regular attendees at home. Both sessions were 4-player games: the first was two teams with 2 fleets per side, the second was 2 teams of a fleet per side. Victory conditions: sink 50% of the enemy’s fleet in hull size. Sorry, no photos.

Game One:
The Grand Terran Imperium and the Union of Queens
League of the Wolf Stars and the High Lords of Hephaestus

Each fleet consisted of MD, BB, CM x 3, DD x 6, and FF x 6.

The Terran/Queens took an early lead and held it until the Hepheastians finally cleared the gas and dust clouds, bringing their superior batteries to bear and sinking the Queen’s Flagship – the MegaDreadnought! The Wolves immediately followed suit and sank the Terran MD flagship. The turn was finished and game was conceded to the League of the Wolf Stars and the High Lords of Hephaestus.

Game Two:
League of the Wolf Stars
The High Lords of Hephaestus

Each team had two task forces consisting of MD, DD x 3, FF x 3, and CM x 3, DD x 3, FF x 3.

The Hepheastians were confident but the Wolves split their rack attacks to spread their opponent’s point defense as thinly as possible, doing more damage with the throwaway attacks than the primary thrusts. The Wolves took the lead and kept it, sinking 50% of the Hepheastians for the win.

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