Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy

Did enjoy it, and will probably get the DVD, but I wanted a movie about the 3 minute backstory that led to the palace coup. And, to be honest, the whole 3D gimmick was lost on me. Yes, the illusion worked, but it didn’t really add anything to the experience, and certainly not to the telling of the story. Hot babes sheathed in latex under blacklights did enhance my experience, though. And it’s always good to see Daft Punk on the big screen.

The next time I attend a 3D movie, I need to get there earlier so I don't end up in the extreme-lower-right seats. The 3D glasses didn't work well unless I held my head just so. For over 2 hours. Had an asshole sitting behind me and kicking my chair. For over 2 hours. And some freakish woman sitting next to me and cracking her knuckles. For over two hours. All for USD$16.00 + gas and time. Next time I might just wait for the DVD.

Did I mention I really hate most of the cinema-going public?

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  1. I used to love going to the movies. Partially because my grandfather was a theatre manager and I got into a lot of theatres for free.

    Around the time I had to pay for movies (once Pop retired), I got a lot more picky. Fast forward to the present and I probably see three films a year in the theatre. I refuse to pay the price to watch crap.

    I myself will be pretty happy when the backlash hits and movies stop being made in 3D. I mean, how long can the fad last before people get tired of it. Its especially annoying for kid's movies. My nephew loves Pixar films but couldn't really sit through Toy Story 3 because of the 3D glasses. He, and many other children I've observed in the audience, don't like having those glasses on their faces.

    I'm waiting for the DVD for Tron. Next movie on my list is Green Lantern in 2011. I doubt it will be as awesome as I want it to be but GL is my favorite comic book character so I gotta be there.