Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW PROJECT! A Dungeon Crawl!

As everything needed for the MEKA TAC - GSRE game is ready for Fall In!, work has begun on finding/making a fast dungeon crawl. Been playing around with tiles (5 1-inch squares by 5 1-inch squares) and that gets 2 tiles printed on each page. Using gray card-stock saves on ink.

I'd like it to be easy enough to run at cons yet deep enough to run a campaign with the club. Rules in the running:

Citadel of Blood (1980) - Need to convert it to miniatures.

Melee/Wizard/The Fantasy Trip (1977) - A bit much for a convention game.

WarEngine 2.1 (2000) - Some tweaking to get it from Sci Fi to Medieval Fantasy.

One Page Fantasy Skirmish (?) - Need to redo the entire magic system.

Where Heroes Dare! (2009) - Great pulp rules, but the melee rules would have to be rewritten and combat magic added.

Dark Dungeon (2006) - A simple dungeon crawl game that might fit the bill.

No winner yet, but...

I'm currently reading through DARK DUNGEON by Avalon Game Company. It looks very promising. Got the "all in one bundle" and printed out the more pertinent parts. It's more of a miniature solo game set in a dungeon than a lite RPG. It can easily take multiple players. Combat system looks sound and the monsters/NPCs each have their own reaction tables right on their stat cards.

Drawbacks -

1) Though the game seems quite playable - it needs a proofreader. Badly.

2) Base game does not come with a way to create your own characters. Must buy the additional supplement for those rules. That comes in the bundle, though.

I'll be getting a couple of games in after Fall In!

We shall see.

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